Wednesday, 18 May 2016

West Bengal 2016 - waiting for a result .

West Bengal 2016 - waiting for a result .

There is no last word in politics . The exit polls on election results have been proven to be so much away from reality in the past that they do are no more taken as the final word . People rather wait for the actual results instead of committing themselves to a position which might backfire and cover their faces with egg.

Such is the case with the exit poll predictions on WB assembly elections 2016 . Inspite of an unanimity in all the exit polls conducted, about the victory of TMC , there is widespread doubts among the people as well as the political parties. Though bolstered mentally with the predictions , even the TMC rank and file is suppressed and surprisingly mellow with the prospects . They must be elated in the heart of hearts with the exit poll projections, no doubt, but have preferred to postpone the jubilant celebrations for tomorrow . They want to be doubly sure about it .

The JOT , or the combine of the Left and the Congress too are guarded in their reactions with a prayer on their lips and hope in their hearts . They must be ruing the
delay in getting into an understanding and the lack of presenting an unified opposition against the TMC with a planned approach. If they lose , they have themselves to blame and if they win they have the thank the TMC . Any which way the result may happen , it will not be a vote for the JOT . This unpalatable truth must be digested by them , in stead of taking themselves too seriously .

The other truth which should be gulped as a bitter pill will be for the BJP . Even if they manage to get a stray seat or even a couple of them, they were never in the picture at all , in spite of spending so much money and deploying their top leaders repeatedly for election meetings . Even though it is foolish to predict election results , I make this prediction that the vote share of BJP will be much reduced from what it has been in 2014 LS elections . Mark my words on this .

But beyond all the drama during the election campaign , the uncertainty of the results and the suspense on the final composition of the assembly , lies the questions which have to be faced by the new government of the state as well as the people who voted in the elections . If TMC comes to power , will there be an escalation in the vindictive attacks on the opposition throughout the state ? If TMC comes to power , does it absolve them of the various charges of corruption, financial mismanagement and nepotism levelled against them . How much of it is true ? Will the TMC supremo take this opportunity to cleanse her party and project a much more humane and populist image for herself ? Will she be able to turnaround the state and concentrate on the three most important issues - job creation , education and health for the people ?

The Left- Congress JOT , if it comes to power , will have to sort out the ideological approaches first and knowing Congress , the internal squabbling too. That itself will take time to settle down . Then they have to contemplate whether they will have an open-arm and free-arms policy towards the TMC renegades who will try to ditch the party and come over , just as they did after the LF failed in 2011 . Will they be able to rid the state of the Lumpen-Raj and Syndicates ? Or will they go on a spree of witch hunting and blame the centre for everything ? Will the coalition hold for five years ?

For the people , it will be mere daydreaming if they expect too much from any of the formations . They can only pray that the post election scenario is not marred by bloody clashes . Whoever comes to power the people of WB can be assured of step motherly treatment from the centre because it will be away from the scheme of things envisaged by the ruling party . So they should be ready to fend for themselves. The only way for the people of the state to catch up with the rest of the country and the world is to concentrate on the strengths . And the strength of the people there has always been the soft power of knowledge and culture. Therefore the people of West Bengal themselves and their government should see to it that education becomes the sole focus of the state . Much wastage has happened but still with whatever resources the state has , it should strive to be in the position of the knowledge leader . At least achieve full literacy like Kerala first. Nobody is coming immediately with money bags to invest in the state and setting up industries will remain a distant dream . This is the bitter truth that the people of WB must digest . Sooner they do , it is better.

And yes , it will be a tense night to spend for many . Things may be entirely different tomorrow .

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