Thursday, 5 May 2016

Secret Lover

I am the one who loves you,
I am your secret lover.
The person who visits you
and ravages you in your dreams.
I am the wild horse of fantasy
whom you want to ride
and break the boundaries of ecstasy.
I am the thought that makes you blush
even in your most private moments.
I am your secret lover
for whom you wait without a reason.
I am the truth whom you want to feel
in all its naked glory,
the shining hard blade of steel
to pierce you to your death.
I am the old letter of invitation
received after its due date;
in the unknown address of pleasure
where you've never been before.
I am the temptation of senses
which you can never resist
I am the piece of jigsaw puzzle
that you will always miss in life.
I am the one whom you seek
in cold winter nights
I am the heat of the summer
that burns between your thighs.
I am your secret lover
who changes your days and nights.

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