Friday, 20 May 2016

You walked away from my life

You walked away from my life forever,
on a fine summer day.
The precincts of my heart,
empty since then, waited for you.
But you never returned.
So much for the love I expected
never happened to me.
Hope you are fine and happy
wherever you are now.
That's what matters after all
to me after so many days.
Why did it all have to change
on that lovely summer day.
Without giving me a chance to explain
or try and make the magic
work again between us.
You decided to leave me
and walk away.
Whatever I wanted to say
my words, they stuck on my lips.
Now whenever I think of it
tears well in my eyes.
So much of love we shared,
why did it have to go away.
You remained forever in my heart,
since that lovely summer day

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