Sunday, 1 May 2016

Random 01052016

Where all the roads end,
there's no risk of losing the way.

Many of us may have realised that events, people, places, memories etc. are scattered in our mind as randomly placed markers. They are apparently not related to each other, neither pointers to anything by association.  But once the dots are joined a picture emerges, which often surprises us. We realise how much inter connected, things are.

This connection between the seemingly unconnected is more of intuitive logic aided by experience.
What we see,hear, feel,smell and taste forms part of our conscious experience  But those unconscious stimuli, perceptions and premonitions which shape our unconscious reactions round us up into the whole personality that we are.

And the contour of all our deductive logic are largely guided by the combination of both of these. Those dots are what our physical senses tell us. The lines are what our sixth sense draws to complete the picture. Its elementary, Watson.

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